Can You Add A Halo To A Solitaire Ring?

Can You Add A Halo To A Solitaire Ring?

Everyone deserves a diamond ring, whether it's celebrating an anniversary, engagement, or a special milestone in life. A solitaire ring is an essential item that will mark your union/ partnership. Sometimes, some may want to upgrade their solitaire ring by adding a beautiful halo of diamonds to it. But can you add a halo to your solitaire ring? 

The answer is yes! This type of upgrade is very common and popular for anyone who is looking to add an extra pop of sparkle to their ring. That is why in this blog we are going to teach you everything that you need to know about adding a halo to you solitaire ring.

Reasons To Add A Halo To Your Solitaire Ring

The most common reason for this is the extra sparkle. I mean, who wouldn't want a little bit of shine to their bling? There are various reasons and benefits to adding a halo to your ring:

The Halo Perfectly Complements Your Solitaire

A halo perfectly complements the diamond ring's center stone well. It makes the diamond look more significant and enhances its beauty. It will make your solitaire the main focus of your ring; I mean, that's the point, right? Therefore, a halo setting is the perfect setting to enhance your ring.

You Will Not Break The Bank

It is a budget-friendly option if you're watching your spending. A halo design offers the perfect way to add extra sparkle with little expense.

How To Choose The Perfect Halo Setting

The most crucial aspect when choosing the perfect halo setting is selecting suitable diamonds that will complement the material of your ring. The gems you choose for your upgrade should match the quality of your center stone.

Any slight contrast between the halo scenery and the center stone will pronounce the differences and cause a lackluster effect on the finished design. Some people choose to add colored gems instead of diamonds to their halo designs.

The perfect halo design incorporates a round diamond cut as the center stone with gems set around it. It offers ideal symmetry. Regardless of the special occasion or if it's a regular upgrade, our jewelers at Accredo will help you settle on the perfect halo design for your ring.