Can Men Wear Rose Gold Jewelry?

Can Men Wear Rose Gold Jewelry?

Absolutely! Men can wear rose gold. 

The copper content in rose gold gives it that pinkish hue but also makes it stronger. A rose gold wedding band, for instance, is tougher than a yellow gold wedding band of the same karat. 

Today, the team at Acredo is here to explain everything you need to know about rose gold jewelry for men.

We'll cover:

  • Karat and purity questions
  • The durability of rose gold
  • And style questions we hear from gents

As always, if you have a question beyond this article's scope, don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced team at Acredo jewelers in Denver. 

Is Rose Gold Pure Gold?

The purity of gold is described in karats. This is not the same thing as the carat weight of a stone. 

Most gold used in jewelry is blended with some alloys to make it more durable. In the case of rose gold, copper alloys are added to create that stunning color and enhanced durability.  

24 Karat, 22K & 18K Gold

Truly pure gold is 24 karat (24 K). While the rich yellow color of 24K gold is fantastic, it's too soft and malleable for most jewelry. It scratches and bends easily. Again, you won't find rose gold in 24K because rose gold has copper alloy added to it 

22K and 18K are your next options. While also lovely, these are very soft, and most men would prefer something that will stand up to a bit of abuse — especially if we're talking about a wedding ring that you will wear every day for decades!

Rose Gold Comes in 14K or 10K

If you're shopping for men's wedding bands, you've probably noticed a significant price difference between 14 karat and 10 karat gold. 14K is purer, and therefore more expensive. 10K is less pure but more durable.

Popular Types Of Rose Gold Jewelry For Men 

There are more ways to add rose gold to your wardrobe than just a wedding band. 


  • A rose gold wristwatch or pocket watch
  • A rose gold tie tack
  • Rose gold cufflinks
  • Or a rose gold chain

Or mix and match your colors of gold! The days of monochrome jewelry are over.

How To Wear A Rose Gold Wedding Band With Other Colors of Gold

If you already have a jewelry wardrobe that consists of platinum, yellow gold or white gold, you can always wear a wedding band in that same color. Or, add a rose gold tie tack and cufflinks to your ensemble, and you'll have the complete look.

Rose gold makes an excellent choice for men, especially for men who work with their hands. It will stand up to decades of daily wear without ever tarnishing, too. Yes, sir, you can wear rose gold.