Can I Boil My Diamond Ring To Clean It?

Can I Boil My Diamond Ring To Clean It?

Your diamond jewelry is likely your most precious possession. You will want to take extra care to protect and ensure that your gem remains beautiful. Your everyday activities risk leaving your diamonds looking dull.  Common products that can mar a diamond include cosmetics, perfume, hairspray, and antibacterial soap.  A diamond can be damaged by bleach, chlorine, and acetone.  For this reason, it is recommended to remove your diamond while completing household chores, using a hot tub, swimming in a pool, cooking, and gardening without gloves. 

Should I Boil My Diamond?  

Though some individuals may recommend boiling diamonds, there is a tremendous risk if you undertake this at home.  For that reason, it is recommended that you not attempt to clean your diamond by boiling it. Boiling is no more effective than other methods of cleaning and carries a greater risk of damage to the stone and to the jewelry's metal parts.

How Do I Safely Clean My Diamond?

Though cleaning your diamond at home will not replace a professional cleaning, it is recommended that once a month you complete a gentle cleaning to remove surface dirt and grime. You will need a bowl, some dishwashing liquid, warm water, and a baby-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush or a clean eyebrow brush. Soak the ring for approximately 15 minutes and then take the soft-bristled brush and gently scrub the diamond to remove surface dirt. Be careful not to scrub too hard. Pay attention to the tiny crevices where dirt can collect. If necessary, repeat the process. Allow the diamond to dry on a soft cloth. Do not wear the jewelry until completely dry since moisture could get trapped and cause skin irritation.

Is Professional Cleaning Necessary for My Diamond? 

It is recommended that you have your diamonds inspected and cleaned every six months by a professional jeweler. The jeweler can ensure that the stones are not loose and that the prongs are not bent in such a way as to cause the stone to dislodge from the setting.