Can A Jeweler Tell The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds And Real Diamonds?

Can A Jeweler Tell The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds And Real Diamonds?

It is impossible for a jeweler to tell a lab-grown diamond from a natural diamond with the naked eye. Although the synthetic diamond is grown in a lab, it has the same chemical and physical properties as a natural, earth grown diamond. 

It doesn’t matter the size, shape, color, cut, clarity, lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are almost impossible to tell apart. It’s not like moissanite or cubic zirconia. Those are very easy for a jeweler to spot as fake without needing special tools. Those will lack the brilliance that a lab grown or natural diamond will have. These stones can be identified as “fake” diamonds simply by measuring them or even just looking at the stones. 

How a Jeweler Can Tell the Difference

If you were to bring a lab grown diamond into a jewelry store to see if it is natural or lab made, the jeweler would need to use a microscope. The microscope helps the jeweler find any inclusions for when the diamond was made. When lab grown diamonds are made, there is a laser etching on the inside of the diamond. This tells of the synthetic status and the export numbers. 

All lab grown diamonds should come with a certificate stating where the diamond came from as well. 

Lab Grown Shapes

In the early days of lab grown diamonds, they could only be made small. Today, lab grown diamonds can be made in all shapes and well over 3 carats. No matter what shape you’re looking for, a lab-grown diamond can be cut the same way a natural diamond can be. So you can get that emerald, Asscher, oval, or cushion cut diamond. 

Lab Grown Diamond Colors

If you’re looking for a diamond with shades of pink, yellow, or even blue or orange, you can find that in lab grown diamonds as well. A diamond gets its color from the traces of chemicals that are trapped in the carbon during the growing process. In nature, this is an incredibly rare occurrence. With Lab-grown diamonds, they can be created to have these colors in them and it's much easier to produce. 


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