Ask Acredo: Is Platinum Better Than White Gold?

Ask Acredo: Is Platinum Better Than White Gold?

When shopping for an engagement ring, you are truly faced with countless choices— you choose the metal, the gemstones, the shape, the style, the accents, the budget, and so much more. If you’ve begun exploring different engagement ring styles, you’ve likely come across rings set in both white gold and platinum. If you’ve looked closely, you might have noticed they are similar in appearance, though they differ in price.

This brings up the question, “is platinum better than white gold?” Let’s answer this now…

So…Is Platinum Better Than White Gold? 🤔
The answer really comes down to who is wearing the ring and their lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

We find that people who work with their hands, have sensitive skin, or just appreciate a low-maintenance metal favor platinum. For others looking for a beautiful option at a great price point, white gold is a popular choice.

An untrained eye will likely not be able to tell the difference between a new platinum ring and white gold ring, but the difference will be more obvious once the white gold ring loses its rhodium plating, dulling its initial shine.

Here is more about each metal option to help you make an educated decision.

The Short on Platinum
Strong and durable, platinum is a rare metal that has a similar look to white gold or silver. However, its natural scarcity makes it much harder to find in nature and therefore much more expensive. Investing in a platinum band means that you’ll never have to worry about damage or fading, because the metal can stand up to any activity your fiancée takes on. You can also feel less worried about losing the precious stones in the setting, especially diamonds, because platinum is strong enough to hold them in place against any impact.

The Short on White Gold
Within the gold family, there are several types to choose from, but white gold is the most popular when it comes to engagement rings.

Gold is a hypoallergenic metal so it will never cause a rash or irritation on your fiancée’s skin. Gold is also a valuable metal that is likely to appreciate over time. It’s traditional and classic, perfect for a woman with a timeless style.

A disadvantage of gold is its pliability and the likelihood of damage. Gold is a soft material, so it is combined with other metals to make it harder. The more alternate metals mixed in, the more durable the ring will be, but it will also be worth less. The colored forms of gold may need retouching over the years to stop any fading.

Custom Designed Engagement Rings— For Any Budget.
At Acredo, we believe the key to your dream engagement ring is exploring different options in person— seeing the metals and gemstones and styles up close. You’ll want to know how the ring really feels and fits on your hand until you actually see it up close. At Acredo, we pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way. We have thousands of sample rings in every shape, size, and style you can imagine — perfect for igniting your own creativity. Unlike other jewelers, we’ll help you try on rings from 30 different profiles, 16 widths, and dozens of height and diameter options to ensure a perfect fit. We’ll even make a sample ring that you can wear around to try out, just to make sure! Schedule your appointment today.

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