Are Lab Grown Diamonds Tacky?

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Tacky?

A lab-grown diamond is just as real as a naturally mined diamond. So, no, a lab grown diamond is not tacky.  Lab-grown diamonds have all the same properties as natural diamonds but are more ethically sourced. They have the same properties as a mined diamond, both chemically and physically. 

It has become a lot more popular to buying a lab-grown diamond instead of a mined diamond. Since lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and more ethically sourced, many are turning to these diamonds now. Lab-grown diamonds are synthetic and grown in a lab under the same conditions as natural diamonds. 

Many like to stick with tradition and stay with buying natural diamonds, since it is what the culture has been doing for years. 

The Lab Growing Process

Lab-grown diamonds are created under one of two processes, here are the two. 

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Under this process a “seed crystal” is placed in a chamber. Gasses fill this chamber and are then heated to such a degree that layers of carbon begin to form on top of the seed. The seed will constantly grow and create a square-shaped crystal

High-Pressure High Temperature 

This process replicates the way the earth creates diamonds. Natural graphite is placed in a large machine where it is crushed with high amounts of pressure at an extremely high temperature. The graphite slowly begins to turn into a diamond. 

The Value of a Lab-Grown Diamond

A lab grown diamond holds as much value as a natural diamond. A perfectly cut, flawless, and colorless diamond is incredibly rare to find naturally. Synthetic, lab-grown diamonds makes finding this kind of diamond more of a reality. Both kinds of diamonds will have various amounts of inclusions. These inclusions can almost be looked at as being somewhat of a “fingerprint” for each diamond. 

Pros of Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

Here are some positives to buying a lab-grown diamond:

  • Can cost between 30-50% less
  • More ethical 
  • A good alternative to natural diamonds, especially if not looking to resell

Cons to Buying a Lab Grown Diamond

Here are some of the cons to buying a lab-grown diamond:

  • Natural diamonds potentially hold more value
  • Use a lot of energy to create


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