Are Lab Grown Diamonds Popular?

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Popular?

Lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity exponentially. More than 10% of all diamond sales in 2022 are lab-grown diamonds. While this isn’t a large percentage, it has drastically gone up since they broke into the market. According to experts, two main factors are affecting their growth in popularity. These factors are price and provenance. 

Lab Grown Diamond Price

One of the main factors that affects the popularity of lab grown diamonds is the price. They are much less expensive than mined diamonds because they are easier and more ethically produced. Anyone shopping for a lab grown diamond can get a larger diamond simply because they are so much cheaper. You can find a 2 carat diamond in your budget now because of the price. 

Lab Grown Diamond Origin

Another thing that affects the price is the amount of knowledge behind the diamond. All lab grown diamonds must come with a certificate stating where the diamond was grown. This is a lot harder to produce for mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds also have a laser etched strip inside the diamonds that can only be read by using a microscope. This helps tell the jeweler where the diamond was made and how it was made. Jewelers can then tell the process that the diamond was created by and the lab that it was made in. This gives buyers more information, which drives down the price. 

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

The answer is yes. Lab Grown diamonds are just as real as a mined diamond. The biggest difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond is the amount of time it takes to produce each. A natural mined diamond can take between 1-3.3 billion years to produce. Lab grown diamonds can take 6-10 weeks to produce. 

Both lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are both chemically and physically the same. Both are made from carbon and are created with high pressure and high temperatures. Lab-grown diamonds are nothing like the simulant diamonds. Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia are both diamond simulants and are not real diamonds. It is very easy for a jeweler to tell that they are “fake diamonds,” and not worth anything. 


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