Are Lab Grown Diamonds GIA Certified?

Are Lab Grown Diamonds GIA Certified?

The GIA has been certifying lab grown diamonds since 2007. As of July 1, 2019, GIA has announced that they are no longer calling any lab grown diamonds as “synthetic” anymore. The GIA Laboratory Grown Diamond report covers all of the 4Cs that a natural diamond is rated by for reference purposes. Each of the reports for lab grown diamonds uses specific descriptive terms for color and clarity. 

Within the GIA report for lab grown diamonds, they will specify whether the diamond was grown using a CVD method or the HPHT method. The report will also list whether or not there have been any enhancements made to the diamond that would alter the color. 

History of GIA Grading

Up until recently, the GIA had a policy of only fully grading mined diamonds. Since they started grading lab grown diamonds in 2007, the GIA has taken small steps to improve its grading process for lab grown diamonds. In a recent announcement in 2020, the GIA took a large step for lab-grown diamonds. Their updated policy on fully grading lab grown diamonds validates the legitimacy of lab grown diamonds in the industry. This even helps customers who are unsure of purchasing a lab grown diamond better understand the main differences between lab grown diamonds and natural, mined diamonds. 

GIA Grading Policy

For years, it has been hard for trained gemologists to tell the difference between natural and lab grown diamonds. Many times, the gems were sent to GIA to test and confirm the origin of the diamonds. Before the policy change, GIA only offered different ranges for color and clarity. The was a major difference between the grading house IGI. IGI had been giving a full grading report on lab grown diamonds since 2005. Now with the policy change, it helps provide a level of consistency for the consumer. With so many different ranges and styles to choose from, customers can easily be overwhelmed by all of the information being thrown at them. Consumers would only have to look at two reports to see the differences between lab grown and naturally mined diamonds to get all of the information that they need. 


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