Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

When hunting for an engagement ring, the first variety you are likely to hear about is the halo ring. They are excellent choices for someone with a limited budget. So, are halo engagement rings tacky? Let's find out!

Are Halo Rings Tacky?

Well, we wouldn't say that all halo rings are tacky. There is a great collection of classy halos in the market. What matters is the size, setting, quality, shank, stone or metal color, and the ring's overall design. Tackiness is mostly a result of design and sometimes a personal perception.

What you find tacky might be good for another person. When it comes to buying a ring, you should choose what you are comfortable wearing rather than what is trendy. If you love the style of a halo ring, you will enjoy wearing it regardless of what the trends say.

Purchase A Halo Engagement Ring That You Love

Halo rings come in multiple designs and colors. If you purchase a cheap one, you are likely to find it common with people out there. Around 92% of people go for cheaper things. The best way to go is by purchasing a unique and gorgeous sparkly ring that makes you feel proud. This is what you deserve!

How To Avoid A Tacky Halo Engagement Ring

When buying or designing a halo ring, be sure to consider the following.

  • Avoid purchasing cheap halo rings
  • Ensure your diamonds are not mismatched
  • Do not go for long or big prongs
  • Avoid clumsy metalwork
  • Do not go for mass-produced ring styles
  • Purchase a ring that fits your finger
  • Avoid setting the diamonds too high
  • Don't make your ring so bulky

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