Are Halo Engagement Rings A Fad?

Are Halo Engagement Rings A Fad?

If you and your fiancée have been shopping for an engagement ring, you've probably looked at halo engagement rings. Halo settings have been admired for centuries and are second only to solitaires as the most popular setting of all time.

What Is a Halo Engagement Ring?

Halo engagement rings are crafted with a collection of smaller accent diamonds surrounding the center stone. The effect intensifies the brilliance of the center stone, creating a unique and timeless engagement ring. A halo also helps to protect and secure the center stone and is compatible with any diamond shape, mirroring the center stone's shape or creating a contrasting silhouette.

Hidden subtle details on engagement rings are often the thing that makes them so romantic, and the halo engagement ring featuring a beautiful center stone highlighted by many smaller diamonds provides a romantic alternative to solitaire engagement rings.

The History of Halo Engagement Rings

The history of the halo engagement ring proves that this time-tested style is far from a fad or a passing trend. The halo setting dates back as far as the Georgian jewelry era, from 1714 to 1837. They gained popularity during the Victorian period, from 1837 to 1901, although these original halo engagement rings were not quite like the halo settings of today.

The Art Deco era of the 1920s introduced the contemporary halo setting as we know it today. The modern halo engagement ring typically features small diamonds in symmetrical, geometric patterns surrounding and enhancing a center stone.

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From their origins in the early eighteenth century through today, halo engagement rings have won the hearts of countless brides-to-be. Despite being one of the hottest engagement ring styles in recent years, halos settings are undoubtedly here to stay.

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