7 Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

7 Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

The new year is here! And as time rolls on, taste change and evolve along with it. So what’re the new wedding trends for 2020? Let’s jump right in.

1. Going Green

Today’s generation of brides and grooms are much more environmentally minded than their parents were, and they’re applying that same mentality to their big day. Sustainable materials, reusable dishes, compostable paper flowers, and a whole host of other ideas are making sure that you can have all the pomp and circumstance with none of the guilt!

2. Custom Rings

If you’re reading this and wearing an engagement ring that you helped pick out or design, you’re already ahead of the curve! The old tradition — where a guy picks out a ring and springs it on his spouse-to-be by surprise — is fading.

Instead, couples are collaborating on their rings, both traditional diamond engagement rings and gold wedding bands. It’s getting easier and easier to craft a completely custom ring, from the size to the material to the setting.

At acredo rings, you can come in with your future spouse and take inspiration from hundreds of custom rings in our showroom. Even if you don’t know anything about jewelry, don’t worry! Our experts can help you craft the ring of your dreams. All you need is a general sense of what looks good to you — say, rose gold and a blue stone — and we can take it from there! You deserve a ring that’s uniquely yours, and we can help you create it.

3. Shrinking Guest Lists

It’s not news to anyone that millennials are a frugal bunch. For their wedding, though, they still want a splash of luxury. So what’s the best way to get glamour on a budget? Have a smaller wedding!

Lots of weddings these days are logging guest lists of 40 people or less. You don’t have to make nice with your second cousin once removed, and your budget per guest is a lot higher, so you can customize the wedding to everyone’s specific tastes.

4. Exciting Lighting

Of course, plenty of people still get married in a church or event hall, but unconventional venues like restaurants and parks are becoming more and more popular — and with an unconventional space comes unconventional lighting, too.

Whether it’s old-fashioned “Edison” bulbs, LED light strips in different colors, strings of mood lighting hanging from trees and canopies, tube lighting, or artificial candles, your lighting options are practically unlimited. Mix it up!

5. Trendy Tables

A whole room full of circular 10-tops is so last year. Today’s couples are putting a new spin on their seating arrangements with more artful table settings. Push multiple tables together to make a unique shape or a winding snake-like design, or arrange straight tables into a square or X. You can even go with a cocktail-style setup with a few high-tops and no seating, encouraging people to mingle with new acquaintances.

6. Cheese Hour

Can you ever really have too much cheese? We don’t think so. There’s a wedding tradition called the Viennese Hour, where the couple serve a lavish spread of desserts after the cake is cut, but some people don’t have the palate for that much sugar. If you prefer savory flavors to sweet, a giant charcuterie board stocked with wheels of cheese, crackers, cured meats, nuts, dried fruits, capers, olives, jams, and whatever else you want to throw in is a perfect option.

7. Self-Serve Drinks

Want to make your wedding more interactive and save some money on a mixologist or waiter at the same time? Self-serve drinks are a great option! Limit your cocktail offerings to a few signature mixes and display them on a few creative trays. Set up a keg with a tap and let people pour their own beers. Put a bottle of wine on every table with a personalized corkscrew that guests can take home when they’re done. With all of these wedding trends let your imagination run wild!

Make Your Wedding Your Own

In broad terms, what we’re seeing in terms of wedding trends is an increased emphasis on customization and personalized ceremonies and receptions that reflect the happy couple’s own tastes and styles.

At acredo, we’re all about customization. And while we can’t set up your whole wedding for you, we can certainly make sure that you have the ring you’ve always wanted. Book an appointment to come talk to our jewelry experts, and we’ll help you create the perfect ring for the perfect wedding.