2019 Color Trends in Engagement Rings

2019 Color Trends in Engagement Rings

Every engagement ring is unique, just as every couple is unique. As tastes and cultures change, so do the rings we use to pledge our love to one another. At acredo, we specialize in making custom rings that perfectly fit you and your partner’s style, so we’re always fascinated to see new trends in rings. Here are a few of the 2019 trends in engagement rings we’re seeing.

Colored Stones

Nothing compares to the brilliance of a sparkling white diamond for pure dazzle, but more and more ring shoppers these days are looking for a little pop of color in their jewelry choices.

Colored Diamonds are In Vogue

Diamonds don’t have to be just white! As they’re formed, diamonds sometimes naturally pick up trace amounts of other elements that give them a unique color, including blue diamonds, red and rose-hued stones, and even dark gray and black diamonds. Whether they’re used as the main stone or as accent stones elsewhere on the ring, these colors can add a dramatic flair to any jewelry piece.

Subtle Hues

Bright, bold colors look great against darker skin and yellow or rose gold bands, but what if you prefer a more delicate, airy look? Platinum and white gold bands pair beautifully with pale skin, and a faintly colored gemstone is the perfect complement to both.

Sapphire is often a strong, deep blue, but pale blue sapphires can be found for a lighter look reminiscent of blue skies. Another option is aquamarine — true to its name, aquamarine is a clear stone with a lovely blue tint, reminiscent of tropical waters washing up on white sand beaches.

Pink and Peach

Morganite has become an extremely common option for couples looking for an alternative to the high price of diamonds. Morganite is very rare, but nonetheless remains reasonably priced. Morganite ranges from pale pink or rose to a deep peach, matching nicely with yellow and rose gold settings.

Shades of Green

Emeralds are the most well-known of the green gemstones, but it’s very difficult (and expensive) to find a clear, high-quality emerald. Luckily, there are many other options for green stones — Garnet, tourmaline, peridot, and sometimes even sapphire can be found in deep green tones that pair beautifully with a yellow gold setting.

Creatively Colored Bands

A long-time classic for engagement and wedding rings is yellow gold, but why limit yourself? There are lots of metals and settings out there that can be crafted into beautiful jewelry for any style.

White Metals

A silvery white band is perfect if you want a clean, fresh look that directs all of the viewer’s attention to the stone itself. White gold is generally made of gold mixed with silver or zinc to give it a beautiful pale color with a faint hint of gold, and provides an excellent backdrop for a white stone like a diamond.

Platinum is a more premium choice, and offers a shine and polish that is unmatched in the world of jewelry. Platinum is a rarer, harder metal than gold, which means it won’t tarnish or scratch as easily as gold, so it will keep its color and gleam for much longer without needing extra maintenance.

Classic Yellow and Rose Gold

Yellow gold is back on trend! Yellow gold alloys are usually mixed with a careful ratio of a white metal like silver and a red metal like copper, maintaining the natural, unmistakable color of pure gold. Gold has been used to make jewelry for thousands of years, and it’s a tradition that won’t go away any time soon.

For a warmer, more vibrant color, rose gold is made from an alloy with especially high copper content. The reddish hue of the copper accents the natural yellow shine of the gold, creating an eye-catching color that’s the perfect accent to colored gemstones and white diamonds alike.

Gray Metals

Recently, we’re noticing trends in darker gray metals. These smoky tones contrast strongly with the stones, making them appear brighter and even more brilliant by contrast. Gray gold is one option, usually made by mixing gold with palladium for a cool, slightly darkened color.

Custom Rings for Every Taste and Style

When you visit acredo rings, you’ll see rings in every material, setting, design, and color as inspiration. You’ll have the chance to browse all the styles and find the different design aspects you want to use in your custom ring. We have all the 2019 trends in engagement rings covered, and the classic styles too. Since you’re in control of your custom design your ring will be perfect.

Maybe you like the setting of this one, the stone from that one, and the band of the other! Then we’ll create a custom design that perfectly matches your own style, personality, and unique tastes.

Your partner is one of a kind. Their ring should be too.