Profiles with high wearing comfort

Fine or wide

Uni- or multi-colored

Grooves as design elements

Sun-yellow or bright white

The purity

Polished or structured

Purist or sparkling

Personal Engraving and ring size

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The acredo Wedding Ring Designer

Design the ring yourself or let us design for you. With acredo, you have the choice. You can use our wedding ring designer to design your own wedding rings. The acredo wedding ring designer is ideal for couples who love the extraordinary, who like to be creative or who would like to take first steps in the world of wedding rings. Thanks to our wide selection of ring styles, there is something for every type of person and every style: trendy vs. classic - sparkling vs. simple - luxurious vs. discreet. Make your dreams come true and become the designer of your own unique symbols of love!

The acredo wedding ring designer: the best way to your perfect wedding rings

Wedding rings accompany you throughout your married life as a sign of your sincere love. The selection and the design of your wedding rings should be considered very carefully to ensure you are happy with them all your life. With the acredo wedding ring designer, you can conveniently do this from the comfort of your own home, at any time and with just a few mouse clicks.

Inspired by our collections, Hollywood trends or weddings of friends, you can try out different designs and change any individual components such as shape, color, metal, surface and stone setting.

Configuring wedding rings: unique rings in just a few steps

Your partner, a computer, some ideas and a cup of tea or a glass of sparkling wine - that is all you need to configure your rings! As a first step, determine the dimensions and the shape of the bride's ring. You can then select any color you want. Combine colors and textures freely according to your special wishes. Now the ladies come to the most enjoyable part of designing: the selection of the diamond. Sparklingly striking or elegantly simple - configure the ring yourself. And finally, it’s the gentleman’s turn: your rings are displayed according to the bride's model; just the size and width have to be adjusted. Finally, you can test the wearing comfort and harmony of your configured ring on your hand and place the order for the rings at one of our stores. Personalising your wedding rings has never been easier!

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